Junior Coaching Enrolment

Junior Coaching Enrolment

Junior Coaching Enrolment Form

For new players, ask for a free 30 minute trial lesson before enrolling.
To enroll, please complete the form below. Fields marked with an * are required.
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    Junior Coaching Terms and Conditions

    Coaches for the Junior coaching program are employees or contractors of Jon’s Tennis Academy (JTA).
    Group coaching lessons are provided within each public school term as a block of 10 weekly lessons. If a school term has only 9 weeks, the 10th lesson is held in the first week of the next term. Lessons missed due to a public holiday are made up during the term.

    Group coaching lessons proceed regardless of the weather.

    On-court group lessons may need to be suspended due to bad weather (eg. excessive rain, lightning, high temperatures). If group lessons have commenced and are then washed out due to bad weather, the lessons will be continued with alternative meaningful activities indoors. For Private Lessons, if the lesson cannot be conducted indoors, it must be made up at another time during the term. If it is not possible to conduct a make up Private Lesson, the lesson fee will be refunded.

    Group lessons will run as scheduled on hot days. The coach will monitor the play, ensure players are given extra breaks and are able to cool down. If the temperature exceeds 36 degrees, your child may choose not to participate and can attend a make up class of a similar level on an alternate day. You must advise the coach via SMS at least 6 hours before hand if your child will not be attending a lesson on such a day.

    If your child is unable to attend a group coaching lesson you must notify the coach at least 24 hours before hand (12 hours before hand for Private Lessons). Except for exceptional circumstances, failure to notify the coach will result in the lesson being forfeited.

    Please note, for Private Lessons, without prior notification your coach is unable to fill this lesson time for other enquiring players.

    If a group lesson is missed due to exceptional circumstances (eg. serious illness, injury, unexpected school activity, etc.) your child will receive a lesson credit which can be made up sometime during the same term. You need to notify the coach and they will slot your child into the most suitable group. Make up lessons are subject to the class numbers in the other groups. For valid missed lessons, a maximum of two group lesson credits are available per term.

    These credits are not applicable to washouts, heatouts or Private Lessons, which, if necessary, are made up by an alternative time arranged by the coach.

    If your child chooses not to participate when the temperature exceeds 36 degrees, you must notify the coach to arrange an alternative time.

    Private coaching lessons affected by public holidays are made up at a time arranged between you and the coach. Should your child miss a Private Lesson due to exceptional circumstances (eg. accident, severe illness) the lesson is refundable. Assuming the appropriate 12 hours notice is given, should your child miss a Private Lesson due to other circumstances (eg. school camp, school production) the lesson must be made up. Otherwise the Private Lesson is forfeited. For Private Lessons the coach for the make up lesson may not be the original coach of the missed lesson.

    If a coach is not available to provide a group coaching lesson, a substitute coach will be provided. In the rare event that a substitute coach is not available, the lesson will be cancelled. Group lessons missed due to the non-availability of the coach can be made up.

    In order to secure your child’s place for weekly coaching programs or other events, Jon’s Tennis Academy requires you to complete a registration form (online or hard copy) in the weeks before the start date and return to JTA with payment. Places will not be guaranteed if registration and payment is not received prior to commencement of the term.

    Payment of term fees is due within the first week at the commencement of the coaching term. Private Lesson fees may be paid in full term (10 week) or half term (5 week) blocks.

    The preferred method of payment is via bank transfer into the Jon’s Tennis Academy account, using your child’s name as the transfer reference. Direct Deposit details:
    Account Name: Jon’s Tennis Academy
    BSB: 06 3182
    Account Number: 11420435
    Reference: Your child’s full name

    If paying by cash, please place the amount in an envelope with your name, the coaching class, the amount being paid and date on the front, and hand to the coach.

    Players are automatically re-enrolled for the next term. An invoice is emailed to each player about 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the new term.

    Please indicate on your registration form your preferred times and days (for weekly programs) and we will do our best to meet with your request. If your child is following on from a previous term please indicated if you require any changes to your child’s current time. Please contact JTA if special circumstances require a change of lesson time or discontinuation of lessons.

    A 10% discount is offered if the annual class junior group coaching fees are paid up front.

    Payments received on or before the due date (The first week of the coaching term) receive a discount. The regular fee applies for payments received after the due date.
    For coaching purposes players are not required to be members of the host tennis club. However, by being a club member there are other benefits, such as free access to courts for casual play, if the courts are not being used for coaching or competitions.

    Players in tennis competition teams of the Club, including Club Championships, must be financial members of the Club.

    When you provide your personal information to us, you agree that Jon’s Tennis Academy can use your contact details for the purposes of providing and information relating to the tennis coaching service, specific events and activities of the host tennis club (The Club).

    You also agree that your personal information may be provided to and used by Tennis Australia and other Australian Tennis Organisation’s under the terms of the Tennis Australia privacy policy located at www.tennis.com.au/privacy and that you could be sent information by them.

    The JTA website uses cookies and Google Analytics to collect and process visitor data for the purposes of improving the website.

    You are required to notify Jon’s Tennis Academy in writing of any specific medical condition which may affect your child’s ability to participate in the Jon’s Tennis Academy tennis coaching program and especially if particular medical treatment may be required (eg. for asthma or anaphylaxis).

    You hereby authorise the staff of Jon’s Tennis Academy to act for your child according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. You release Jon’s Tennis Academy from any and all liability for injury or illness and costs, incurred while undertaking a program or event with Jon’s Tennis Academy.

    You acknowledge that Jon’s Tennis Academy may film, use video analysis and photography during tennis coaching programs, lessons and events. You acknowledge and agree that this usage, including for marketing and promotion purposes, is without compensation or notice to yourself. Images may be used on the JTA website, social media and other promotional material.
    If you do not agree with your child being included in photos and videos, select the "I agree to the Terms and Conditions, with the exception of my child being included in photos or videos" option when you submit the enrolment.
    Parents of younger children aged between 3 and 5 years old are encouraged to observe the coaching lessons on court and help their child with the activities.

    However, parents of older children are encouraged to remain off the court during their child’s lesson. This enables both the coach and players to concentrate entirely on the lesson, create independence for the child, promote a child’s decision making skills and build the relationship between coach and player.

    Please drop off your child with adequate time to allow lessons to commence on time without delay or interruption, and also please promptly pick them up again at the end of the lesson. Ensure you inform the coach about any changes in arrangements for picking up your child.

    Lesson time lost due to late arrival cannot be made up.

    If you no longer wish to continue tennis coaching lessons, Jon’s Tennis Academy requires at least two weeks notice via SMS or email, before the end of term, with a brief explanation of the reasons you wish to cease lessons. Otherwise you are automatically re-enrolled into the next term.

    As JTA is always looking for ways to improve the coaching services, your feedback would be appreciated. JTA therefore requests a brief face to face conversation with the coach at least two weeks before the end of the term. This gives JTA the opportunity to learn more about your experience with the coaching, understand your plans and address any issues. Please contact the coach to arrange a suitable time.

    A Cancellation Fee of $30 is applicable if insufficient notice is given as your coach will be holding a place for your child and will not be able to offer this lesson time for other enquiring players.

    I agree to all of the Terms and Conditions.I agree to the Terms and Conditions, with the exception of my child being included in photos or videos.

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