Hot Shots Stages and Development Pathways

Hot Shots

The Hot Shots program is for kids, with smaller courts, lighter racquets and low-compression balls that don’t bounce too high. This makes learning tennis fun and easy for primary school-aged children and so kids are able to start rallying and having fun right from their first lesson.

The Hot Shots program is also complemented and enhanced by the Australian Sports Commission Game Sense Approach with guided play and visual learning to assist players with problem solving, learning techniques and tactics, team work and develop and understanding of the key aspects of tennis in a fun, friendly and active environment.

Progress report cards are provided at the end of Terms 2 and 4.

For new players, JTA recommends a free assessment lesson to determine the most appropriate starting level.


Blue Ball

(3-5 Year Olds)

This is a step by step starter tennis program which focuses on improving children’s concentration, hand-eye coordination and ball skills using modified equipment for children in the 3-5 year age group to develop their skills in a fun, safe and structured environment. No parent supervision on court is required.

By matching the game to their size and athletic ability, Hot Shots Blue Ball tennis lets children enjoy tennis from the first lesson. The blue tennis balls are low compression (25%) which means they bounce lower and move slower, allowing more time for the children to get to the ball and require less strength to hit.

Red Ball

(5-8 Year Olds)

A fun introduction to tennis focusing on developing basic skills with the use of mini nets, making courts about ½ size and red balls with 25% compression. There are four basic areas of learning: techniques, rallying, understanding the court and an introduction to the basic rules of the game and points play.

Orange Ball

(8-10 Year Olds)

Players progress to ¾ courts and use orange balls with 50% compression. There is a greater emphasis on the development of a sound serving action and the continued development of rallying skills and point play.

Green Ball

(9+ Year Olds)

Players progress to full courts and use green balls with 75% compression. For the less experienced players we continue to work on the basic techniques, while the better players progress into a more advanced skill set including hitting with top spin.

The Hot Shots Match Play is a fun and social way for kids to get into team tennis, teaching them the basics of scoring and game play. Kids get to play singles and doubles and the entire team matches finish within approximately 60 minutes. The teams can include:

  • Hot Shots 5-8 year olds Red Ball Mixed Teams
  • Hot Shots 6-11 year olds Orange Ball Mixed Teams
  • Hot Shots 6-11 year olds Green Ball Mixed Teams

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Once juniors progress and reach green ball competency they may be invited to join a Development Squad using yellow balls. The Development Squad is a program for junior players who are committed to regularly practice and play tennis, including normally playing in competition teams and tournaments and involved in the Hot Shots Match Play.

The Development Squad is a comprehensive program, covering all aspects of tennis performance including tournament planning, technical work, tactical and match skills.

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The Academy is for advanced yellow ball tennis players. The coaching program covers advanced performance for competition play, including planning, techniques, tactical and match skills.

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Jon’s Tennis Academy is committed to the safeguarding of children involved with all of its tennis coaching programs, lessons and other events.  As such Jon’s Tennis Academy acknowledges the guidance provided by Tennis Australia:

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Jon’s Tennis Academy is also committed to the fair treatment of all players, coaches, officials, visitors and observers involved with sport. As such, Jon’s Tennis Academy upholds the Fair Play Code of Sports Victoria:

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If your child really wants to focus on their tennis and/or improve specific skills then private lessons can be arranged.